Are you looking to implement excellent floors that will set your home apart from the rest? If yes, then you are at the right place. Choosing a floor type can be a pretty daunting task, that is why we narrowed down a list for you to use as a quick reference before making a final decision.

Available floor types

Laminate floorsasascacacacascascascascascasccs

They consist of wood, resin, and fiber layers compacted together under pressure and finished with a printed image treated with a wear layer. This layer allows a laminate floor to take the appearance of nearly any flooring type and to match the decor of nearly any room. Laminate floors are also versatile in their ability to be placed in many different rooms in a home or office. You would never put a hardwood floor in a kitchen or a bathroom since the moisture would certainly ruin the planks. Laminate, however, can be used in these rooms and will resist all types of water damage short of a flood.

Hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are quite common these days among the upper strata of the society comprising of the wealthy and elite class. Hardwood floor makes your house beautiful and attractive.

Types of hardwood floors

There are two types of oak wood flooring- white and red oak wood flooring. White oak is not white hardwood. Its name does not represent its color. White oak hardwood flooring is preferred for flooring owing to its superior hardness and density due to which it is not prone to dents and scratches. It is also used commercially and doesn’t demand high maintenance,

Ceramic floors

Ceramic floors come in a wide range of colors, and the tiles are available in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. You can easily create a geometric pattern on your floor, reminiscent of the old Roman houses, or just lay the floor entirely in one color and this will provide a simple yet dramatic contrast within the room. A dark floor of terracotta will provide a simple yet impressive contrast with pale walls and a floor tiled entirely in white will stand out well against darker walls and ceilings. If you intend to decorate in a geometric or cubist theme, then continuing this onto the floor will be an interesting detail.

Marble floors

Marble is a common choice for floors because it combines form and functionality. Marble is one of the materials that can come in various patterns and colors so there is a design that can suit any taste. Also, it is a durable material that can resist spills and stains quite well. This fact shows just how sturdy and durable this material is, which makes it fit perfectly as a floor covering.

Bamboo floors

Bamboo floor adds value to your house sinxzxczxczxczxczxczxcczxczxczxczxczxczxczxce it is durable, attractive, and hard. Bamboo Floors not only look beautiful and stylish, but they are also practical. And because they are environmentally friendly, they are becoming more popular and easier to find.

Top five types of floors to choose from
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