Buying a sauna is a huge investment and can help you boost your health. Unfortunately, getting the right sauna is not an easy task. For instance, there are several infrared sauna brands which appear similar to each other. Over the last few years, tens of new vendors have entered this competitive market. This guide will help you know what to look for when buying portable saunas. The guide provides you with accurate information regarding safety, materials, components, and features.

Buying a sauna

Sauna company

t2g3efv67hwed8i22How many years has the company been operating? In this particular industry, about half of the sellers will be out of the market in the next few years. This may leave you with warranty recourse and limited availability of replacement parts. Moreover, longevity provides deep infrared skills, knowledge, and application. Some of the top companies have been in this business for more than 30 years. Such companies are highly recommended. This is because they have experience and they will stand behind their warranty.

Wood sauna cabin

Thicker walls provide better insulation and low operating costs. They are also sturdier and provide better warm-up time. Thus, they are easier to assemble. Usually, cheap brands have single-piece walls, which bend and flex. Moreover, they are difficult to assemble.

Reputable sauna companies prepare wood by kiln drying and air drying. On the other hand, cheap companies never prepare the wood. Thus, it starts to split, separate, and crack after several heating cycles.

Heater emissivity

This is regarded as the amount infrared heaters put out and the amount that can penetrate the body’s tissues. You should note that if heaters are not emissive and efficient, then the sauna is worthless. If testing has not been published on the company website, you are advised to read carefully infrared sauna reviews before buying.


As you know, warranties vary from one company to another and from one model to another. The vital areas where you need warranty are expensive parts of the control panel, wood construction, and heaters. However, the lifetime warranty is not always desirable. For instance, a cheap brand going for $800 offering you a lifetime warranty is likely to give you very little value. What if the brand is out of the market in 4 years?tg2wedfv7hwjufu82k2

Individual needs

If you are planning to spend most of your sauna time at low temperatures, then you should consider heater controls. There are few brands which allow for this.

Tips for choosing a sauna